Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Season... A New Blog

Switching things up folks. Find the new blog HERE.

This blog will still be here, in case you want to walk down memory lane but all new posting will be at the new site.

Farewell blogger, it's been fun.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hanks' Adoption Auction

My friends Kevin and Sarah Hanks are pursuing their first adoption and are having an auction to help with bringing their "Harvest" home.

Check out their blog for the auction HERE
Click on the tabs on the top of their blog to see who they are and their hearts for adoption.

If you don't want to do the auction but would rather donate a gift, they have a PayPal button on the sidebar.

Thanks for considering helping this family!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My sweetie, and natural parenting

I must expound briefly on how much I love this little lady. :)

Some of the things I love about her (I loved this stuff about the boys also I believe):
*I love her squishy cheeks
*I love to kiss that spot right where the corner of her mouth meets her cheek
*I can't describe it fully but I seriously LOVE the smell of her breath. I think it's a breastfed baby thing. I love it, a lot. Except not the pukey smell, of course.
*I love breastfeeding. I love the bond and all the things that make it so special.
*I love her blue eyes
*I love that she sleeps about 8 hours straight at night, then eats, and goes back to sleep. I am a happier mama.
*I like that she's big. At six weeks she is 13 pounds. (Not that she started small either) Of course that is following in true Jacobson style. (Although if we did have seven kids or something that would put the last one at something like 13 pounds, that may not be so nice after all)
*She's so beautiful! (I'd love her if she were sort of awkward and weird looking too - but she's so pretty)

I love more things, but those were the ones on my mind.

I have been reading some blogs on "natural parenting". You can fall in many places on the continuum it seems.

I think I'm more of a natural parent than I realize and I wouldn't have thought I'd be here when I envisioned my life 10 years ago. So what makes me land on this continuum of natural parenting?
*I love natural childbirth and find it amazing (but understand many of the reasons people don't do it)
*I breastfeed my babies -and love it
*I use cloth diapers (75% of the time I'd say)
*I wear my baby in a wrap (mostly away from home)
*I want to homeschool my kids (I don't know if this actually counts)
*I desire to use more holistic routes of medicine and eating more natural and traditional foods

What doesn't make me a "natural parent"? The reasons are purely personal and I am not anti most of these things at all, they just don't work for me, and that's ok.
*I don't co-sleep with my kids.
     Two reasons: Number one, we have a queen size bed and we're not little people. We are 6'5" and 5'11" and my kids are big. I also like to keep the marriage bed something we call our own (but the wee ones do come in in the early morning too). Number two: I just can't handle the noises of the baby. Don't get me wrong, I love the noises, I just can't sleep through them very well. My boys seem none the worse for having been in their cribs. But if sleeping with your kids floats your boat - go for it.
*I discipline and train my kids a particular way and believe it's biblical. This could be a post on its own so I'll leave it at that. Some of it is like the natural parenting and others not.
*I "go green" if possible, but it's not my goal to leave less of an eco footprint for humanistic reasons, it's just to save on money and waste. The whole going green thing is a topic for another day too.
*I sort of put my kids on a schedule. Not strictly, but some, and I don't nurse on demand. Not because I'm against it, but my babies seem to get fussier and gassier in their tummies if they have milk all the time any time. And based on the fact that my babes chunk up like the milk is going out of style says to me they are doing ok.

Additionally, I believe in Christ centered living and there is a divine order God created for the home and it's not humanistic, which is where some philosophies of natural parenting are rooted. But most of the bloggers I have read are not obviously Christians either, but just trying to do their best.

What I love about natural parenting is that at IHOP, it seems like some of this stuff is part of the culture, like breastfeeding and homeschooling and natural foods and herbs and cloth diapers too. Not everyone, but much more of a group of them than what I knew of back in MN. So it feels "natural" to do some of these things even though it may be counter culture in other places.

I didn't really intend on this post turning out the way it did, but hey, now you know I am not afraid of a little poo. Cloth diapers change your 'gross out' factor quickly.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Caleb's 4th Birthday Part 1

My sweet Caleb boy turned four yesterday. Since this is likely the last birthday in Kansas City, and his golden birthday, we wanted to make it special. We decided on a Noah's Ark themed party. The following captions will explain the party.

We had a thunderstorm CD playing and the boys got excited pre-party and were looking in their Bibles at the story of Noah.

We picked up some moving boxes and there was a giant one we wouldn't have used, but that box, plus a few flat pieces came in handy for the creation of an Ark.

I am sporting the baby and explaining the game. They had to all find the 'food' aka peanuts-in-shell for the Ark. Whoever found the most peanuts won a prize.

Levi, Isaiah, and Ayanna hunting for food.

Birthday boy found a few.

 Lewis found a dinosaur. That doesn't count.

Counting peanuts. Levi won with 20.

"Wow, this many little kids at your house is loud and crazy!"

They had a craft - making animal ear headbands. You know, because it's a Noah's Ark party and the ark needs some animals.

A "donkey". Perhaps he's grazing.

Then it was story time - of course the story of Noah.

All animals into the Ark, almost. I think everyone is showing - it's the best one of the bunch.


Dan drew a dragonfly (for the boys) and a butterfly (for the girls) for the kids to lay down and get pictures. It worked okay.
I can't figure out how to rotate this in blogger.

Blowing out the candle.

They had brownies!

 Just for some cutie too. Smile!

 Part Two of the birthday will continue today with the gifts from us and the grandmas. Previewed here (pre-assembly):

Friday, September 02, 2011

August 2011


August 2011, a set on Flickr.

Oh for the love

I love my babies- all 3 of them. But the youngest is now 5 1/2 weeks old. How quickly it is going. Two days ago, Aug 31st, she smiled for the first time (actually she smiled several times that day). No camera though. So sweet!

And my darling baby #2 has had some milestones this week too. Re-enter: toddler bed. There has been an improvement this time. The first day was similar to the last time we tried - lots of getting up both while trying to fall asleep, and in the night - so we weren't too hopeful. But the last couple days have been better, and halleluiah - he has slept through the night the last two nights! This transition to the bed is necessary like it or not right now.

First off, he is a heavyweight and the metal bars under the crib were bending from his jumping in the mornings. Yikes. And second, we plan to go to MN for several weeks after our house is sold and Faith needs the pack n play, and he's too big for it. Thus, a sleeping bag it will be and we aren't going to have his first time out of the crib be for that. Thankfully Dan is ultra helpful because it can get hairy putting Lew down and having Faith possibly cranky at that time. My husband is excellent (and not just because he is a stellar dad).

His second milestone this week was his first haircut. I know it has been a little over two years, but his hair just didn't grow as fast as Caleb's. Part of the prompting to do it was because the other two guys in the house got haircuts this week too. The only problem cutting Caleb's hair is he now is not only a giant in stature, but he looks older too. I keep saying, 'this is what he'll look like when he's six' except that he will only be bigger still at six.

Dan said his hair hasn't been this short on top for at least 10 years. I like it. All my boys with their ears lowered :)